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90′ Soccer Live Score

The concept of making a 90′ Soccer Live Score (90′) is inspired by our team members. They often enjoy soccer games together after work. However, many games kickoff at the same time, so it is impossible to watch them all live. Some people will download a kind of live score app to read game’s data and results, but most of them contain tons of ads with delayed data display, some of them even just skipped showing part of the important data. So we decided to develop 90’.

The 90′ is developed using the latest programming language in order to bring a new user experience to the live scoring app market.

90′ is one of our own developed products. We will continue to introduce new features in the app from time to time. We also optimise our current features after collecting user’s feedback. We understand the importance of every user who constantly brings us vision to our future development is never replacable.

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