Mobile Application, Web Design

Hong Kong Swimming Academy is a swimming school founded by Mr. Alex Fong in 2018. As a former member of Hong Kong swimming team,  Alex has benefited a lot from swimming. This sport has not only brought him fame but also satisfied his eagerness of self-challenge. He founded this swimming school with his partner and hope this sportsmanship spirit can pass on to our next generation.

We designed and  developed both website and mobile app of Hong Kong Swimming Academy. The website has adopted North Carolina Blue as its theme color. The reasons of using this color have two. First, it is one the favourite color of Alex. Second, this color is commonly used in sport-related schools. This website not only simply displays school news and information, but also provides user-friendly enrolment system for parents and students to take the class easily.

Mobile apps also account for a large part of the project. Alex hopes to diversify the functionality of the app, so it does not only display information but also provides swimming tutorial videos. The instructor can also use the app to take attendance and send the video taken during the class to students so that they can know more about their learning performance.

Since Hong Kong Swimming Academy’s website and mobile app are fully customised, in order to improve the performance, we have optimised each component carefully and thoroughly.

The Hong Kong Swimming Academy mobile app supports iOS and Android, and it is already launched with the official website in mid-April.

Mobile Application